We Make Us Better


After a spate of recent muggings and robberies, a group of 20 Bed Stuy men started escorting people home as they got off the train and are walking through the neighborhood reaching out to young men.

“We’re not the Guardian Angels, we’re not armed,” said Kareem Varlack, 35, a field technician for Verizon and a founding member of the group We Make Us Better.

“We’re about encouraging males to be involved, because you don’t see men in their 20s, 30s and 40s involved in the community anymore, so we’re trying to bridge that gap.”

Once a week – on random evenings – the men walk subway riders home from the Utica Ave. train station. They also sponsored a neighborhood outreach walk earlier this month, stopping to talk to young men hanging out on the corners.

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Alvin Ailey was Breathtaking

Just saw Alvin Ailey for the first time EVER. It was just so…beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, the list of adjectives could go on forever. It’s what I’ve been missing in my life in terms of dance. I miss seeing athletic, strong, powerful, yet graceful dancers. The majority of the dancing in Oberlin was so UN-athletic,…

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Finally moved in!!

I write this from my hammock in my room listening to the brazilian music that I won’t be hearing on the streets of manhattan (since little did I know it was brazil day and that Carlinhos Brown is performing…too much happens here and I can’t keep up!).  I moved in on Wednesday and was supposed…

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Another twist to the story

While I had to be thrown for yet again one more loop in the saga of operation: find an apartment in New York, I did complete the mission. So I will not be living with unknown 25/20s but rather 3 seemingly chill people in another part of Bushwick. The downside is no laundry room, gym,…

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And the saga continues…

AAHH!! I thought I’d be moving in, FINALLY, this weekend, and of course, if something can go wrong it will. I was hoping to be living somewhere before my birthday (tomorrow), so there goes that self-present. But hopefully, I’ll be there with some strange 25/20s next week. But the apartment building is at least nice—it…

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Starting the Second Week

OOOOOooooooohhhhhhh, LAWD! IT is TIME to get up out these hostels. I can’t say that enough and I can’t explain anymore, it’s just time to go. Please let this apartment process speed up!

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First Week in NYC

I’ve spent the week virtually glued to craigslist and my cell phone, contacting people about apartments and setting up viewings. I should’ve spent all day tuesday looking at apartments but I was just so tired and still a little anxious about being here alone. I went and saw one apartment in bedstuy. Nice neighborhood, looked…

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