2 things I forgot about Last Night (Shange & Bamuthi)

One was Bamuthi’s comment about ballet—how if you have an ass, ballet is just not nice to you. Because they spend more than half the class telling you to tuck your ass in (as if you’re sticking it out on purpose) and no matter how much you try and tuck, it’s never enough because you have booty and it ain’t going anywhere.

YES YES YES! I don’t know how many times my ballet teachers would watch me like a hawk waiting for me to exhale in the event my stomach may poke out the slightest bit, or wait for me to un-tuck my OVER-tucked pelvis (because I had to tuck it so much that it was tipped in the other direction, which also isn’t good)

The other, was someone in the audience asked Ms. Shange if she could see For Colored Girls being re-envisioned on an international scale—where the different colored lady’s were different nationalities. She said she had definitely considered it and had definitely already fleshed out the idea to be redone on stage. She said that there were enough colors around the world to make it happen, but for staging purposes, its difficult to find someone to back the project if it’s totally international. BUT! She had already got the go ahead to have it redone with 2 foreign groups as opposed to mostly international, and be inclusive of 2 other languages. So she was looking to cast an African woman, someone from the continent, and then either a Puerto Rican or Dominican woman to do her piece in Spanish. She’d also rewritten some of the vignettes to reflect their experiences, AND added some of India.arie’s music to it.