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Last Minute Adventures in NYC

In preparation of my New York departure in a couple of months, I decided to plan out a ridiculous schedule of activities and sights to see before I leave. Part of this means I pretty much HAVE to do something (or multiple things) every day.

Monday I did nothing but return to dance class, which was nice anyway.

Tuesday, I walked around and through Riverside Park, read my book for an hour or so, and made a failed attempt to get tacos at the Super Taco truck [it wasn’t there :(]

Wednesday, I walked the high line from the Gansevoort (sp?) street up through the newly opened section 2 to the 30th St. Then I walked through the inflatable art installation at the lot on 30th St and got some dumplings from the Rickshaw Dumplings food truck (yum!)

Today, I think I’ll be too busy to do anything what with this impending massive event for work on Saturday. But maybe I’ll make another attempt to find the taco truck after samba class.

We shall see…

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