The Last Last minute adventures in NYC

The last 2 weeks have involved a lot of BAD decisions. One of the most annoying was coming back from vacation early to the NYC heat wave and an apartment with no air-conditioning just to get stood up. And the worst is because I came back early, I started my last work metro card early, and it expired before my last day in NYC (today) and today I have mad errands to run. So my early return just ended up costing me a dumb amount of money I wouldn’t have had to spend (and unnecessary grief), if I had just stayed my ass on vacation.

So, now I gotta spend about $20 in metro fare today, because they no longer 1-day unlimited pass, but on the bright side, it’s my LAST day of work, LAST day of AmeriCorps VISTA. Tomorrow I will be back home, no longer bullshitting with so many trifling New Yorkers, and back to my own car, pool, and air conditioning.

Today is the last day. So with my abundance of metro card fare to spend, I have to go turn in all my stuff for work, drop by the UPS store to yell at them some more and make them give me a more detailed receipt for why the hell they robbed me of my money, I have a mini spa day, one last thing to ship home, and then a cocktail tasting with a friend before the night ends. The good part is, that the cocktail tasting was pretty much free (just have to pay tip), and the spa day was a living social deal.

All is not completely lost. Then tomorrow, bright and early, I get on a plane home!