EBT and a monthly Metro

Two cards that sum up to $300 each month that no longer comes out of my paycheck—WOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Anyway, the process of the EBT application, blows! And, technically they still haven’t confirmed that they have all my documentation, and said they will cut off after october if they don’t receive it all. (btw, I sent it, it’s a question of whether they lose it/”forget” to process it.) But needless to say, I don’t have to sit around and question whether to do stuff like buy milk because I’m down to my last 20 and owe someone 40.

I’m very happy this move to NYC has finally become a bit more stable, even if it took 2 months, (a month longer than everyone else in my program). Hopefully next month I’ll be able to start dancing again, with that money I’m saving on the subway, and stop being so lazy. But next month I better get working if not for myself, but to support the 6 week fitness challenge at my job (that I technically can’t win, but should participate in nevertheless).

Oberlin this weekend…maybe some capoeira for once since may…that’ll be nice-

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