The Big Apple

I made it to new york city in one piece, with an hour plane delay in ATL (could’ve been worse). I woke up extra anxious this morning. Not in the, “Oh my gosh I can’t wait to get there” anxious, but “What the hell am I doing flying to New York with nowhere to live?” Plus I was extra anxious about this hostel situation especially since the only one with space still left in it for the week (since I booked it last minute…long story) was one that has co-ed (obies: gender neutral) rooms. So I spent all weekend praying that I wouldn’t be sharing a room with some random dude having to keep one eye open all night in paranoia. Luckily those prayers came true and my roommate is some girl from Korea whose name I will butcher not only in spelling but in pronunciation. I hope she’s staying for awhile and not leaving to be replaced by said sketchy dude.

So now I feel a lot better. The hostel isn’t AS sketchy as it could be and the upside is I’ll get a lot of exercise walking up and down 5 flights of stairs. And, no matter how overwhelmed I was leaving my house this morning and arriving in ny this evening, I had to remind myself that less than a year ago I was in a huge city, riding public transportation (which had no maps and no google map search available to route out the way) and staying in random places—but everything was in PORTUGUESE and everyone spoke portuguese. I managed then. I was a bit of homebody and played it more safe than I probably would have if I had simply had a trusted companion, but I did explore and have fun (albeit subdued). But if I can manage in portuguese I can manage in ENGLISH in the US with many familiar faces. Although I forecast the struggle to not be a homebody and read a book or watch stuff on the internet will continue—especially given how BROKE I will be this year.

So here’s to trying to break old habits…they die hard