Commencement Week!

My week at Oberlin has been pretty great overall. Despite the unfortunate weather all week, I still had fun, and the day of commencement was beautiful. I didn’t get to do all the outdoorsy activities or laying around in the grass that I would’ve liked to, but that just means once I get back to NYC I need to stop being a punk and enjoy the outdoors.

I’m so happy for all the graduates from the class of 2011! I got to see old friends, and meet new people, drink more than I should have, dance all night, eat WAY too much, ride roller coasters, play capoeira, enjoy a play, and OF COURSE, go broke!!

But now I have to return to NYC, return to (miserable) work, and annoying roommates. But at least I know that it will only be for two more months (less than), and then I’m off to New Orleans, baby!

Unfortunately, there are some trifling people in my life who allow their personal bullshit to play a part in my life. I’m leaving a day later than I should be, had to change my bus ticket (AGAIN!), I had to miss my sister’s BBQ in Pittsburgh because of this, and now because people are being WAY to selfish, I’m still sitting here in Oberlin knowing that I have to be on the road in an hour, and the person I’m riding with hasn’t even BEGUN packing her car with all her shit.

We may fight!