Black Woman Jailed for Sending Kids to Wrong (White) School District

I’m so disgusted. I understand where the legality fell through and that technically this falls under fraud. But this says something about our educational system. The woman just wanted her kids to go to a decent school, whereas many aren’t even finishing, and now you want to send her to jail, send the father to jail, tell the kids they have to go back to some shitty school district and not have the same educational opportunity, AND because the mom is charged with a felony, her dream of being a teacher will NEVER happen because of the laws in Ohio preventing felons from teaching. Absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!

Instead of making her an example maybe they need to be looking at the educational disparities that would make someone go to those lengths—but then again, the powers that be will always deflect the reality by masking it in bullshit legalities (which are inherently created to maintain disparities) and never speak TRUTH. They don’t want every kid to have equal access to GOOD education, because then we might have more equal access to opportunities, and then white power and privilege may be taken down a notch (although not eliminated), and then—as is so popularly said as of recent—our “American values” (read: WHITE American values) would be threatened by some perceived socialism/communism (read: a society not based in institutional racism/-isms) and then were would we be?
Black Woman Jailed for Sending Kids to Wrong (White) School District