Day 63: Back to School

December 15, 2014 After much mulling over the situation of how we would get Efrem’s college transcripts verified by any of those companies requiring they be sent directly from the school (which was really the issue given how uncooperative the officials at the school in Joburg had been in the past to students that weren’t…

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Day 25: Getting an Education

November 7, 2014: Getting an Education

We got an appointment with the Chancellor of SUNO (Southern University of New Orleans) to discuss Efrem’s enrollment so that he could finally finish the degree he started back in SA. SUNO has managed to foster a very welcoming environment for international students, particularly students from the African continent, given that the Chancellor himself is originally from Nigeria.

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liberal arts idealism and my MPH

I’m sitting in probably my least favorite class of the semester (which is saying a lot since I don’t particularly look forward to ANY of my classes), and after going to a “departmental concerns” meeting right before this class started, and hearing the results of a feedback survey for another class on Monday, I’ve really…

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