Twenty-Five to 25: Project 5 x 5

I turn 25 this August. Wooo! A quarter century. Another milestone age. The last one before 30 and the birthday celebrations become less joyful and more of a commentary on how old you’re getting.

Since I like to engage in short-term challenges I was thinking about achievable goals I could strive for with my birthday being my deadline. Ironically, I happened to think of this idea 25 days before my  25th birthday. But, instead of a list of 25 things, I decided to do 5 x 5:

  • Lose 5 lbs
  • Lose 5 inches
  • Do 5 DIY projects
  • Cook 5 new recipes
  • Finish the last 5 units of my Portuguese book

The last one I struggled to come up with. I thought about reading 5 books since I have a collection of books on my shelf that I’ve never gotten around to, but like I said, I wanted to keep them realistic and attainable goals. While 5 books in 25 days is feasible, most of the books I own are dense social commentaries; they’re draining to read. So instead I pulled my Portuguese language book and saw that I never really finished the exercises in the last few units. Hopefully, doing the remainder will revive my energy of striving towards fluency.

Here’s to setting and achieving goals. Let Project 5 x 5 begin!!