More Cooking Firsts

When I purchased all the spices to cook Ethiopian food there was some ridiculous price minimum to avoid paying $12 in pure shipping fees, so I bought 2 lbs of green coffee beans. I really like Ethiopian coffee, but what do I know about roasting coffee beans. So like before, I turned to Efrem for advice. He used to have to make coffee in his house growing up, 2-3 times a day for his mom and whoever happened to be visiting. Although, he didn’t have a coffee bean grinder, so I’m sure that’s why he has such sarcastic memories of making coffee having to grind it with a makeshift mortar and pestle. But thankfully, my only chore was to roast the beans. They’ve been sitting there in bags staring at me for a couple weeks now, but today I finally took the time to take a chance on roasting them on the stove top.

It wasn’t really difficult, but no one warned me they’d pop a bit. The beans look like they should, but I haven’t yet ground it up to make a cup. It won’t quite be the Ethiopian way because I don’t have that kettle thing. I probably could use my cast iron tea kettle but I’m not actually sure if I should put it on my gas burner, so I’ll probably just put it in the french press.


On an unrelated note I also cooked my first whole fish–head, tail and all. Let’s hope all my cooking adventures for the day come out tasty.

doesn’t look appetizing but it smells great!

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