Ok, so I took a few extra weeks to finish this, but the greater point is that I finished INSANITY. I think I maybe missed one or two days but they were the recovery workouts and not the super intense ones. I had to push myself to finish over these last three weeks with christmas and new years in the middle. I think I did actually miss those days but I doubled up on one day and didn’t take Sundays off. Anyway, today was my final fit test. I pushed pretty hard, not sure if I hit my max–if I couldn’t have gotten in one or two more reps–but I’m definitely tired now.


Exercise: Test 1|Test 2|Test 3|Test 4|Final Test

  • switch kicks: 45|92|113|106|124
  • power jacks: 32|45|51|58|60
  • power knees: 66|77|103|112|117
  • power jumps: 16|22|30|42|50
  • globe jumps: 8|8|9|10|10
  • suicide jumps: 11|16|15|18|18
  • push-up jacks: 18|23|24|25|28
  • low-plank oblique: 32|42|50|51|54