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Ok, so I took a few extra weeks to finish this, but the greater point is that I finished INSANITY. I think I maybe missed one or two days but they were the recovery workouts and not the super intense ones. I had to push myself to finish over these last three weeks with christmas and new years in the middle. I think I did actually miss those days but I doubled up on one day and didn’t take Sundays off. Anyway, today was my final fit test. I pushed pretty hard, not sure if I hit my max–if I couldn’t have gotten in one or two more reps–but I’m definitely tired now. RESULTS: Exercise: Test 1|Test 2|Test 3|Test 4|Final Test switch kicks: 45|92|113|106|124 power jacks: 32|45|51|58|60 power knees: 66|77|103|112|117 power jumps: 16|22|30|42|50 globe jumps: 8|8|9|10|10 suicide jumps: 11|16|15|18|18 push-up jacks: 18|23|24|25|28 low-plank oblique: 32|42|50|51|54

INSANITY–Fit Test #4

So despite my 2.5 week hiatus, I actually did pretty well during my fitness test today. After the fitness test and the actual hour long workout after that, exhaustion had a new meaning for me. It’s all good though. As I cook the entire Christmas dinner for the first time ever, I know that these workouts will help me at least maintain my weight while I eat and drink entirely too much. Fit Test Results: Exercise: Test 1|Test 2|Test 3|Test 4 switch kicks: 45|92|113|106 power jacks: 32|45|51|58 power knees: 66|77|103|112 power jumps: 16|22|30|42 globe jumps: 8|8|9|10 suicide jumps: 11|16|15|18 push-up jacks: 18|23|24|25 low-plank oblique: 32|42|50|51


I had to put INSANITY on pause while I moved and had finals. And by “had to,” I mean, I already wasn’t sleeping trying to finish everything and was living off of coffee and energy drinks, adding a brutal hour workout to that would have been the death knell to my finishing all my work because it would’ve been too physically draining to not go to sleep. I got to Cape Town a week ago and the addition of jetlag to 2 weeks of not sleeping properly meant I took the first week here off as well. So 2.5 weeks later, I’ve resumed these workouts. Unsurprisingly, my workout yesterday was a bit brutal. Although, it certainly didn’t help that I was just getting over a bout of mild food poisoning. Anyway, if I’d stayed on track I would’ve finished the program before new year’s, but now it seems like no such luck. But it doesn’t really matter, because the point is to have exercise be part of a permanent lifestyle adjustment that isn’t bound to …


Today I was angry. Like super pissed. Because today I started the second month of the INSANITY program, where the workouts get harder and longer. Well today was even worse, because before I even started the 59 minute workout, I had to do the fit test, which took like another 35 minutes. Of course, I wanted to see how much I had improved over the weeks so I was pushing myself pretty hard on the fit test. I beat all of my last scores, some by a wide margin. But then when I finished with that and put on the next dvd for the Max interval circuit, I just got angry, because I was mentally checked out. The warm-up was long as hell, and then the workout just kept going and going…and going. I also did not eat enough before I started doing all this, so I was weak within minutes. My body just felt wrecked. I finished the hour long workout and kept up/pushed myself as best I could despite feeling like collapsing and …

Moving & Shaking, Day 10

Moving: Morning Run – 2.68 mi. I was going to do my normal BodyRockTV workout afterwards but a) my feet were KILLING me, and b) I really needed to go ahead and go to school and do some work. But really, my insteps are a mess, I spent most of the day limping because my feet and ankles were tore up. I did ice them at night (with the only frozen thing in my freezer–strawberries, lol), and while they were somewhat numb they felt better. But I think they will still be a mess. Shaking: Collard/Spicy Green Berries 1 cup collard greens 1 cup spicy greens 1 cup blueberries 1 banana 1 cup strawberries 2 cups water ice 2 maca root tablets 1 guarana tablet I’m posting a picture of the “spicy” greens. If someone could please tell me what type of green they are, that would be great!