Born To Run!

I’ve slowly been reading this book, picking it up when I can justify taking a break from reading stuff for school (*cough* 7 chapters of epidemiology). I’ve never much been into running except recently when I challenged myself to run a 10K. Consequently, I haven’t run since then, which is a combo of my being lazy and busy, and just not taking the time to get out of bed and go outside. But reading this book just makes me want to strive to run more, longer distance, to really enjoy running not for exercise but for pleasure and the scenery, etc. Anyway, I’ll continue to read and hopefully get my behind up and at it. It’s hard not to find so many convenient excuses not to run. But here’s an excerpt from the book that I really liked today:

Vigil, an old man alone in the woods, suddenly felt a burst of immortality. He was ont something. Something huge. It wasn’t just how to run; it was how to live, the essence of who we are as a species and what we’re meant to be. Vigil had read is Lumholtz, and a that moment the great explorer’s words revealed their hidden treasure; so that’s what Lumholtz meant when he called the Tarahumara “the founders and makers of the history of mankind.” Perhaps all our troubles–all the violence, obesity, illness, depression, and greed we can’t overcome–began when we stopped living as Running People. Deny your nature, and it will erupt in some other, uglier way.

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