Back to Work

I finally got a break from classes with spring break, most of which I spent in Destin, FL on the beach. If you’ve never been to Destin, it’s in the panhandle of Florida (which really shouldn’t be part of the Florida as the people are more like folks from southern Alabama, lol). There are white sandy beaches and emerald waters. Nothing much to do there but lay in the sun, shop, and eat seafood–which is fine by me.

But there was something new this time…so I know there is this idea going around that Black people can’t get sunburned…IT’S A LIE! Got a sunburn, first ever, but it happened. My face and chest were reddened (in addition to being blackened) and sore. Happy to say though, after peeling these past few days, the worst is over and I’m left with a nice oven baked look. Best part of my week though was eating a plateful of snow crab legs–I need to get another few of those.

Anyway, I’m back on the grind, back to work (although dreading it), back to cooking, and back to training. Today I started running again. I was a bit nervous that I was going to be winded, that my feet were going to breakdown in those shoes again, but that wasn’t the case. Granted my feet did get a bit sore, as well as my ankles and calves, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the week before. So clearly, my feet are adjusting to my Vibrams. Today I ran 4 miles in 44.45, averaging 11.11/mi, and burning 493 calories. I have to get up to 6 miles (10k) by April 7 for the Crescent City Classic, which no longer seems impossible. My only goal is to finish and run the entire thing (well, maybe minimal walking).

Until then, avocado shake and zea’s grits for dinner…maybe some black beans and cheddar if my stomach is up for it.

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