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Bell Hooks on Spike Lee


‘Waiting to Exhale… sold and marketed in ways to suggest that this is a black film… this is a film about black women, this is gonna be for black people. In fact, this was a typical hollywood shitty, uninteresting film, with a script written by white people, all marketed as being a film by and about blackness, successfully. Nothing Spike Lee has done can match the financial returns of this piece of shit. This is how blackness can be done successfully, and the problem lies, not with the terms of what makes blackness successful in hollywood on screen, but with Spike Lee as an individual. And that, I think, is tragic, because so many black people are buying into that mode of thinking: that Spike Lee somehow represents a failure, when in fact, Spike Lee will continue to be the most successful black filmmaker in the US, and he is by no means a failure. 

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