Are Rappers Role Models?

Brings up some interesting conversation. I like what Bun B had to say. Lupe, started out with a good point, but then oversimplified the situation and deflected his own part too much at the end. It’s really easy to tell teachers to throw away all their books and teach something else, but in practice, it’s so hard to get 1 new piece of reading into the curriculum let alone overhauling it. Does it need to be overhauled? Yes, but that was a very…naive way to think about what teachers even have the autonomy to do. On top of which, to say that math and english are useless subjects is flat out wrong; it’s not the end all be all, but you should be able read, write, and calculate at a minimum. Teachers are working within underfunded systems designed to fail Black and brown students. They’re trying their best with what they have, knowing that students are hungry and potentially going home to violence, making learning a secondary concern if it’s one at all.

It’s interesting and frustrating; they all want what’s best for their communities but are focused on symptoms of the problem and not the root cause.

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