About me Challenge: Day 3

My hometown.

I’m not even sure what to consider my hometown since I’ve moved so much. I guess I’ll go with the place I lived when I graduated high school. Destin, FL—on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Nowhere near Miami, or Orlando for that matter.

It used to be a little fishing village that no one really went to, and a few celebrities had their houses in the secret location. Then the developers got their hands on it and it turned into beach town/strip mall/restaurant town—aka Tourist Trap where the snow bunnies go during winter.

In the most recent evaluation—there were approximately 40 black people living there. Big surprise :/ It’s a beautiful area that is turning more into a family place with more chain retail stores and fewer high priced boutiques and frou-frou people. There’s white sand (literally) beaches, and most houses are behing gated communities placed on golf courses. There are many more black people that come to Destin than when we first moved there—so we don’t get asked (as much) from shop owners how the traffic was coming into town (that is, where are you all REALLY from since we know you couldn’t live here).