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Day 30 – Post 300

It’s funny that I’m only at post 300 seeing as how I started this blog before tumblr blew up as the new “it” thing. But I also wasn’t connected (or trying to connect) with hella people, thus I wasn’t reblogging things and getting new ideas of things to blog, and it was just to document my time in Brazil. Anyway—post 300—AND DAY 30! I made it!!!

About me Challenge: Day 29

10 Life Goals: 1. Become fluent in at least 3 other languages! 2. Learn to focus on finishing things that I start 3. Not give up so easily on myself 4. Become confident in my own skin 5. Make being healthy a lifestyle 6. Take more risks 7. Be proud of the music I make and be more willing to share it with people 8. Learn to jump out there and be more social—start conversations 9. Learn to ask for help 10. Try and see the good in things more often, or at least the potential to make a seemingly terrible situation better, or view said situation as necessary to my own evolution.

About me Challenge: Day 28

Career Goals: They stay changing! Right now my goal is to go to become a naturopathic doctor and have my own practice, preferably in an underserved area, but just really trying to encourage people to take their health into their own hands—not by popping a bunch of pharmaceuticals, or being forced to subscribe to that type of treatment—but by eating the foods that will improve your health, or knowing which plants/herbs will have the same effects as pharmaceuticals such that people don’t have to spend hella money on those prescriptions.

About me Challenge: Day 26

Favorite Book: this is hard—i loved the harry potter series, it sounds cliched for an adult, but it really marked my childhood, from like 7th grade until my sophomore year of college. As far as a more “adult” book, I’d say Pedagogy of the Oppressed was a book that really, if you’ve never read it, is a MUST read. It gets at the heart of oppression in a way that spoke to me. I don’t think I’ve underlined and “yes’d” in a book as much as I did in this book