About me Challenge: Day 2

How did I get my tumblr name?

Well I wrote it on my tumblr where the name originates but for the sake of the challenge I’ll explain again. When I was in Brazil we’d have these ridiculous afternoon seminars most of which were either in Portuguese (therefore incomprehensible for the first 2 months) or was a bunch of trumped up BS spoken by a true BS artist—our director, Bill. So some of the boys started arming us with snacks bought at the gas station I think.

One day, 3 of them (emiliano, jose, and charles) brought in this chocolate bar. Me not being the biggest fan of chocolate was kind of skeptical but I tried it anyway. That chocolate bar was UH-MAZING! It was a better version of a crunch bar. It was called…..drum roll….Diamante Negro (gee-uh-mahnchee neh-groo). I just thought it was a hilarious name. It means ‘black diamond’ and I though it would be a good descriptor for me as well (no I’m not that narcissistic).

The term actually originates with one of the most influential Brazilian soccer players in their history, Leônidas da Silva, (a black brazilian) popular in the 30s. He is said to have played true soccer freeing it from its aristocratic, British origins. He played in the streets and preferred to play barefoot and only wore shoes because of the soccer regulations.  Many people say he invented the bicycle kick, and although he didn’t, he’s said to have perfected it.