The US hates diversity

In all forms, of both human and plant life. We want to be this great world leader…but of a MONOculture. After Obama got elected everyone wanted to say we were a post-racial country, I didn’t subscribe to that thought then, but after these midterm elections who the hell could? Not ONE black senate member, not one. SMH.

This country is quickly losing its damn mind, and it’s so difficult to get clear information since all the channels of information are tainted by the greedy, super rich minority that controls everything. Media outlets, scientific research, FDA, USDA, all of it is corrupted by dollar signs and controlled by people who act solely out of self interest, once again motivated by those same dollar signs.

Now, you’re considered a racist if we just mention the word race, and bring up differences in culture and background—we don’t need to discuss diversity because somehow we’ve managed to go beyond race….but I’m seriously missing the turn of events that enabled us to do so. It was like whitey just woke up one morning and decided racism didn’t exist anymore, but reverse racism was rampant in this country.

The US has an interesting history—I mean this may seem unrelated, but it’s not. Americans (and by that I mean the select group in power and that dominates) always wanna be owning shit. That’s what’s wrong with the US…always trying to OWN something. Owning people was the big thing up until 1865, but let’s not act like that was the end of slavery. Now that they can’t technically own people, they’ve decided they’re gonna own EVERY GENE that ever existed. Plant gene, cancer gene, and so on. So that not only someday will most of our food be genetically engineered (unless of course people wise up), but so will our animals and our people. 4 companies deal with almost all of our seed, 4 companies with almost all our beef (and probably other meats as well), and if the animals themselves aren’t genetically altered their feed is. And every time one of these companies gets its hand on a gene, it patents it and makes everyone pay to use it—A GENE! We have to pay people to create life that sustains life because someone once again OWNS life.

So once again I say, we’re being driven towards a monoculture where diversity is NOT valued. Because as we have more ownership of plants and more GE plants they choke out natural diversity in plant life making our agriculture and food market unhealthy, disgusting and so vulnerable to its total destruction. And as POCs are choked out of participation in our government (either by not getting the vote, not voting for any number of reasons—including one of the lovely root causes of an f’d educational system— and not having the right to vote) we hear less about the rights of all, and emphasize the rights of few (to the detriment of the rest), we have less diversity in opinion, and we have less intellectual diversity—

—shit, we just have less intellect