The end is in sight!

So it’s my last friday in Brazil and my last day at IBEU. It’s strange. But in my last few days here I don’t find that I have the desire to do everything and see everything one last time, I’m just kind of checked out and ready to go home. I am officially done all work and assignments and evaluations. I am done my first semester of my senior year, CRAZY! Tomorrow there’s a party for our host families and I kind of wish I were just leaving on monday and packing on sunday instead of having sunday and monday before I leave on tuesday. I can’t wait to go home and eat myself sick (probably will happen because my eating habits here are so whacked out in comparison to what they’d be at home). But I’m not looking forward to the cold. So I’m going to take my time packing, maybe go see a sunset one more time, but I’m not really feeling like going anywhere. I will be happy to be at home eating breakfast on wednesday morning. I’ll be happy to be able to communicate everything I want to say without struggling with the words and verb conjugations. I’ll be happy to not take a bus again. I’ll be happy to be in my own space and not living in someone else’s house anymore. However, I will be studying for the GRE for 5 days, but after all that, it’ll be christmas and time to eat like I didn’t at thanksgiving, and time to give my family all the many presents I bought them.

So until then…

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