#TBT: Happy 30th Birthday to Me!

I have a problem! A legitimate issue with follow through! If you’ve been following, I did this 30-day, one post a day countdown to my 30th birthday, but realized I started a day early so instead of my birthday being the 30th day, the day before was. So like the lazy person I can be sometimes, I decided to call it a day. I was tired! I had writing fatigue. I tried to prevent this flakiness by pre-drafting this post, but I still didn’t finish it. It was started on 8/19, and now a month later I finally got around to it.

For the sake of symmetry–I’ve been 30 for about 30 days (31?) and I started my countdown 30 days before I turned 30 (31!)–I decided to post it now.

I made it! I toasted at midnight with a glass of champagne–Veuve Cliquot to be specific, because I’m fancy. And I broke my year of sobriety, with a bunch of friends.

I made myself a birthday cake, and as promised, tried the red velvet recipe again. I’d say this was my best one yet for both frosting and cake flavor. And of course, in typical fashion I made way too much cake and had way too much food. But this time I didn’t bother to cook food, I got a catering order from Melba’s (grits, chicken tenders, mac n cheese, ribs) and then made some roasted veggies to be kind to my veg friends.

It was fun hanging out with folks, but overall hitting midnight was rather anti-climactic. I probably should’ve just had “the party” the next day, on my birthday, so I could drink with friends the whole time rather than having [the few who could stick around until midnight] wait for me to have one drink and then all run home because it was late. But then, I never would’ve gotten to see Mr. SoCo (our pup) build himself a pillow fort to sleep in because he was tired of company. That was an unexpected gift that had everyone cracking up!

The next morning we went to brunch at Atchafalaya (#23 on my 30 to 30 restaurants). The food was delicious and I finally got to try their Bloody Mary bar (I’ll save that for another post).

The rest of my day was pretty low key because E told me he had made dinner plans for me but wanted to keep the location a surprise. Dinner actually ended up being somewhat of a surprise party–he’d contacted a few of my close friends and told them all to show up to dinner, which was a really great gift. The surprise location was Lüke (not on my restaurant list, but I guess I could add it right?), and although I wasn’t terribly hungry by that time, I still enjoyed a great tequila cocktail, a small plate, and a birthday bread pudding.

The whole weekend was full of positivity and I got to spend it with great people–one of my best friends flew down to visit, we did some touristy things, ate great food as I already mentioned PLUS a pop-up Senegalese dinner with Chef Serigne (a birthday gift from a friend), spending Sunday evening in conversation with old and new friends, and rounding it off with a relaxing dinner at another new restaurant for me.

Thirty days out, I’m back on the grind. There was so much build up to the day and then it was over, just like that. Life went on, as you know it will. But I don’t know, I guess because I had made so many goals leading up to 29, I had put so many expectations on myself, that I’d expected it reaching that day to feel so much bigger. Since my Journey to 30 was an entire year, and turning 30 was just one day I guess I did kinda set myself up for disappointment.

But I’ve found a solution: I’ma celebrate the whole damn year! AND make this the year of ME.

I already gave myself the gift of Beyoncé with OTRII tickets I bought back in April. And a new outfit, that was supposed to be here for my birthday but encountered a series of delays. It became my Bey-Day outfit instead (from Printed Pattern People–black-owned business).


Right now I’m studying for comprehensive exams, which I start on Sunday, and when I finish next Thursday evening, I will celebrate. After I present at a conference the week after, I will celebrate. When I find out I pass comps, I will celebrate. And…I will also take care of myself; stop feeling guilty for treating myself to relaxation, alone-time, and small material rewards.

Why by disappointed when you can unapologetically do you?