30 Restaurants: Cochon Butcher & Heard Dat Kitchen

Cochon Butcher

Folks have been talking about “le Pig Mac” for years now. I finally tasted one. I’m still drooling at the thought of it. It was just like my favorite big mac of childhood (which I stopped eating after they started labeling their products with calories and I realized a big mac meal was like an entire day and a half’s worth of calories) but better. I couldn’t tell you if “Le Pig Mac” is just as high in calories, with pork patties instead of beef patties–it’s certainly more expensive than a big mac, at $10–but it was worth every bite. Not one single regret. I WILL be going back to eat it again.


Heard Dat Kitchen

I don’t remember how I first heard about this place, but it’s gained a lot of traction through yelp and other reviews. It is a hole in the wall, every reviewer prepared you for that (although they’ve been working on their ambiance, and apparently just expanded to have a bigger dining area). But the food is delicious, and it’s Black owned! My only mistake was getting side tracked by their daily specials when I should’ve just tried what I came there to get. What I got was good–blackened fish, topped with crab meat, with asparagus and mashed potatoes–but once I got home I was regretting not getting the “Superdome” –blackened fish, lobster potatoes, lobster cream sauce, sweet corn, and onion rings. And I went with the special because I usually prefer crab meat to lobster meat, but for whatever reason once I had the meal I was pining for the “Superdome.” So I need a do-over. And I need to try their dessert. In short, everybody should go eat there!