When I’ll be happy.

I’ll be happy when…

I’ve lost the weight
I can wear a crop top
I have the flexibility of my 13-year old ballerina self
I can do a straddle split
I can do a standing split
I can hold a handstand in the middle of the room
I can “jump-through” on a yoga mate

I find a partner
Someone asks me to marry them
I get married
I buy a house

I feel like a REAL academic…
…I publish an article
…Get accepted to present at a conference
…Give a talk at a university

I find the perfect eyeshadow pallet
I learn how to contour
I find an anti-wrinkle night cream that doesn’t cause my face to break out and actually gets rid of fine lines
I own the perfect shade of red lipstick that doesn’t dry my lips out AND doesn’t transfer
I buy that quippy t-shirt/mug/tote with the trending pop-culture reference
I create a curated wardrobe

The house is clean
I have all of my desired furniture inside my house
I have a beautiful garden
I redo the interior
I fix the foundation

I pay off my credit cards
I increase my savings
I get a new car
The immigration process is over

I finish classes
I pass comps
I find a committee
I defend my prospectus
I defend my dissertation
I earn a PhD
I’ve “made it”…
…People cite me as a reference
…I have a high paying salary at my dream job

I’ll be happy…

Next week
This summer
After this exam
After that paper
Five years from now

When I won’t be happy…