30 Restaurants: Dooky Chase & Drip Affogato

Part of my journey to 30 is to eat my way through 30 restaurants/eateries that I’ve never been to that either just seem like an interesting place or have been raved about by other people. The first two places I scratched off my list of 30 restaurants were visited for my birthday back in August.

  1. Dooky Chase: Despite living here for six years, I never managed to make it here. It was so nice!! Great ambiance, beautiful artwork, table settings with nice dishes and linens. What was really fascinating about dining here was thinking about all of the remarkable people who sat in these same rooms, from as recently as President Obama going backwards in time to the many civil rights activists, famous musicians, artists, and actors. It’s like eating in a time capsule. Not to mention all the beautiful artwork. The food was delicious, of course. I had a cup of gumbo and the shrimp clemençeau, both of which I’d order again in a second. I didn’t meet Leah Chase; it was move-in weekend at Tulane so everyone was trying to go back there. So obviously, I need to go back ASAP!  Plus I want to try the lunch buffet, AND order the gumbo z’herbes around Easter. No pictures…I decided to just enjoy the experience without worrying about angles and lighting.
  2. Drip Affogato: this place opened in the last year or two. It’s an affogato bar–ice cream and espresso–’nuff said. The espresso was great, they use creole creamery ice cream (need I say more?), and the place is super cute, small but in an old ice cream shop sort of way. It’s kind of an effort to go because it’s downtown and there’s only metered street parking or overpriced surface lots, but l would certainly go back. My advice, and what I’d do next time, is go in a group and get the sampler of all the ice cream/espresso combinations (one of them is even matcha instead of espresso 😋🤤).