Day 3: Eating Donuts!

October 16, 2014

I’ve been talking about donuts for months now. I’m sure Efrem was getting tired of hearing about my detours to get a donut and coffee from District Donuts, but they are like pillows of heaven in your mouth—not too sweet and true to the labelled flavor. So naturally, once he got here we were going to get donuts. I waited a couple of days though, making sure he had the traditional beignet his first morning in New Orleans at Cafe du Monde. But by Thursday, he was looking at me like, ‘okay, you keep talking about these donuts, when am I going to eat one?’ So Thursday morning we went for breakfast and luckily they had some good flavors. He had a vietnamese iced coffee donut (one of my favorites!—cream filled with some tapioca bubbles), and I had a Thai Iced Tea donut.

I hoped I hadn’t hyped up the donut experience too much, but when I looked across the table, I knew…it was love at first bite. He decided we needed to make it a weekly Thursday morning experience, and of course, I wasn’t going to argue with it.