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My REAL 90 Day Fiancé

DAY 90: January 11, 2015

20150111_093053Efrem and I hit our 90 day anniversary, so to speak. January 11, 2015 was the date of expiry on his K-1 visa stamped in his passport, our deadline for meeting USCIS’s terms for immigration.

Ninety days came and went before we could blink, which is why I can’t say enough, that it’s NOT a time frame for new international girlfriends and boyfriends to figure out if they actually like each other, and then to stress out about whether or not to get married (like that silly TV show makes it seem)—it’s a time for international couples who are already in a committed relationship, to have a pathway to living together in one country as the married adults they want to be.

Anyway, we celebrated our “90 days” with a Sucré king cake (YUM!) and a day of scrubbing down our new house.



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