In the words of Ice Cube, Today was a good day…

Life has become complicated lately. A frustrating congregation of stressful events and one infuriatingly stagnant process. But today was a good day. A GREAT day.

It started off with that gross feeling of not getting enough peaceful sleep–that achey, sore-eyed feeling that not even 2 cups of coffee can fix. It progressed into being somewhat productive: I learned how to hem clothing, and I shortened the pant legs of a new jumpsuit I haven’t been able to wear yet since it was dragging all over the ground. I also baked a two-layer fresh-strawberry cake frosted with strawberry puree buttercream.

But the climax of the day was receiving the news I (we) had been waiting on for 6 MONTHS: that long awaited email from USCIS with the 2nd Notice of Action (NOA2). For anyone who knows how painstaking and exasperating the immigration process is, that text/email from USCIS with the NOA2 is THE best feeling, only surpassed by the final receipt of that prized visa in hand.

So with regards to that, I think (I hope) that much of the worst of it is over. At least the excruciatingly long and silent wait is done and we can enter into the phase of successive hurdles to jump. So excuse me while I have my cake and eat it too and dance around my bedroom on a sugar-high-from-life.


Strawberry Cake Recipe Found: Here