Two Week Notice

This summer (winter) has gone by unbelievably fast. I’m down to my last two weeks in Cape Town. While I’m excited to go home and be in warm weather, have my car back, have my own place again, and eat myself to death with new orleans food–I’m undoubtedly sad that I will be leaving this place.

This summer was supposed to be about conducting research, and writing some great journal article that could eventually be published and add to my resume and make me look great, and blah blah. But I’ve done relatively very little work and very much play–much to my chagrin at the same time because now I have to actually do my work so that I can write some kind of paper, even if it’s not the best (which it very well may not be). But, good news is–I don’t really care. I came to have an experience, and an experience I have had. I’m always in school, always studying, always writing. Hell, I was even taking an online class while being here on top of the research and the conferences, etc. So you’ll excuse me if for once in my life, I enjoy the fresh air and don’t seem stressed about finishing that I was actually sent here (and paid) to do–it’ll get done. It ALWAYS gets done.

Since the third PHA ended, I’ve been trying to cram in as many touristy things as I can. I’ve been pretty successful I must say. I went to the Rhodes memorial at dusk and looked over the city, hiked around Signal Hill, went to see Mies Julie, went on a wine tour, pet some cheetahs, took a little boat tour to seal island off of hout bay, watched the sunset in camps bay, hiked up lion’s head mountain, went to robben island, and most recently went to another wine event where there were expensive cars on display. In between that time I’ve gone on a few dates, started a relationship, had dinner with friends, consumed ridiculous amounts of meat, partied with friends, taken some gorgeous photos, and watched the olympics at various venues over many beers.

Just these past three weeks have been a whirlwind, let alone the 5 weeks previous to that. And it’s still not over. This weekend I think will be the best yet to come with a 3 day tour of the garden route. I won’t spill my plans to you just yet, but I will tell you what I do this weekend, when I get back. I think that I have managed to see and do most of what I wanted. The last thing major thing left on my list is to climb Table Mountain, which I’ll probably do sometime in the middle of next week–hopefully, there will be one more clear day.

Things I will miss:

BILTONG. Yea we have beef jerky in the US, but the biltong in SA is to die for. After learning there’s really no way for me to bring it back to the states, I have been gorging myself on it. I wish I’d started eating it sooner. YUM

The scenery. Cape Town simply put, is GORGEOUS. You see mountains wherever you look in any direction. There are so many beaches as well. I have to come back here during the summer time so that I can enjoy being outdoors a bit more. On top of which the flora is so different but so beautiful–flowers are colors that you really only see in a crayola box.

There are probably a number of other things that I’m forgetting that I will miss about South Africa, especially when people randomly burst into harmonious song, but I think what I will miss most are the people that I’ve met on this trip. I’ve made some really great friends, that I have only just begun to get to know. Hopefully, they will be life long friends that I can come back and visit. And hopefully they will come and visit me in the states, so that I can show them the hospitality that they’ve shown me, and I can play tour guide 🙂

Until then…I leave you with a few pictures:

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