All play and no work

My research project down here hasn’t really started yet. Mostly because the researchers are so busy doing too much at once to sit down with us and give us some work. So we’ve been going to different presentations and events they’ve invited us to, but it’s mostly been a pretty event-less week (as far as research is concerned). BUT I’ve gotten to see a bit of capetown as a result. A bit.

I actually ended up seeing a bit of Long street the first night I was here, and then walked around Obz (the name of our neighborhood) Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we took a train into town and did a self-directed walking tour–to the District 6 museum, the company garden, another museum at a place where they used to hold slaves, and then to Bo-Kapp neighborhood.

Today we took the train to Simon’s Town. It was so beautiful outside and warm (for once). Unfortunately, we didn’t stay too long as a result of my feeling sick and the fact that we were supposed to meet up with another American, who happened to be staying nearby.

Side note (and men may want to stop reading now): Cramps are no joke. Like absolutely no joke. While I was in Taiwan I visited a Chinese medicinal factory and they were selling this tea called ‘menso tea.‘ It’s supposed to be good for dealing with the pain and nausea. The last time, I drank the tea, and while it took awhile to kick in, it worked great! This time…not so much. More like not at all. I thought by the time I got to Simon’s town and walked around a bit I would be okay, but it just got worse.

So after a pretty very miserable afternoon and my roomie running to get some ibuprofen my evening was much better. Maybe the menso tea only works when you’re eating a Chinese diet. Or maybe last time I just got lucky. Who knows. But, I would try the tea if I were you. It actually tastes pretty good too. But keep some painkillers as backup too.

ANYWAY, tonight redeemed my semi-miserable afternoon. We met up with the one American who’s also working on her MPH at NYU and she took us to a nearby hostel, which is apparently the hang out spot, where a bunch more women are working on their MPHs or public health related projects tend to go as well. We went to film showing as part of an independent film festival, that was about the Nigerian sex trafficking in Italy (crazy!) and then had a great dinner at this Afro-Asian place called Cafe Ganesh. I had the best damn burger ever–Lamb/ostrich burger–and a great glass of wine.

Only one more day in this week, with a few more research related meetings, and then I have the whole weekend ahead of me. I may be going to the Cape Point on Saturday and possibly a Braai on Sunday if it doesn’t get rained out.

Cape town is beautiful, I can’t wait to see more of it!!