Mardi Gras Season/Pre-cleanse

Although the parade season got kicked off a weekend ago with Krewe de Vieux, my first Mardi Gras season got kicked off this past weekend with the Krewe of Oshun uptown parade. The first weekend of parades are like starter parades, their pretty calm, not too many people, and it’s real easy to get parade throws. Speaking of which, I’m already up to my ears in beads and I have WAY too many plastic cups, although I have gotten a few cute little things like stuffed animals and other toys. The best parade throws I’ve gotten so far are the “real” mardi gras glass beads that get thrown in little plastic baggies.
Parades thus far: Krewe of Oshun, Knights of Sparta, Krewe of Pygmalion, Krewe of Carrolton, and Krewe of King Arthur and Merlin. The last two parades on Sunday I got to watch from the Grand Stand!! (courtesy of a friend of a friend with mayoral connections)

I get a little break from parades, during which I will be pulling a few all-nighters to preemptively study for exams that are later in the week. I may resume parading on Wednesday with Krewe of Nyx but definitely for Thursday with the Muses parade *crossing fingers for a pretty shoe!*  Unfortunately, Thursday I have a midterm and my first exam in biological basis, and Friday morning I have my first epidemiology exam. SO, I guess I need to be really productive these next few days and learn all the material so that I’ll only be briefly reviewing after Thursday night’s parade. (Oh, priorities…)

Anyway, I’m super excited for this upcoming weekend once I get past all these exams, and my weekend will get officially kicked off with the Zulu ball on Friday night. In preparation for which, I’m half master-cleansing in order to fit into this gown that I have to wear (I know, too ridiculous). But I’m not going to do a full master, just the lemonade for breakfast and dinner, and one meal for lunch that will be only fruits/veggies. No laxatives and no salt water flush–I think the fiber from the produce will suffice. Hopefully 5 days of this will get rid of enough water weight to not be bulging out of my dress in an unflattering way.

I don’t support doing weird and drastic last minute weight loss solution. I really don’t like the idea of taking laxatives for weight loss at all. I really prefer the slow and gradual, especially since doing it slowly makes it less likely that you’ll put that weight back on. I though about doing the master cleanse in its entirety, but realized that would be a really poor choice seeing as how mardi gras weekend has the general expectation of consuming large quantities of alcohol and junk food, which after a real master cleanse, would probably be detrimental to my body. Maybe I’ll consider doing it pre-spring break…or not.