Troy Davis Denied

The incredible act of injustice that’s going down right now, is just another horrendous reminder of how much we DO NOT live in a post-racial society; how fucked our justice system actually is. 

I do not support the death penalty. I agree that some people (crazy ass mo/fos) need to be taken the hell out, because they’re just too violent and crazy (and even then I’d consider solitary), but when even ONE innocent person is murdered by the government, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! And this country has murdered plenty more than just one innocent person, they have a serious body count. 

They love to talk up how great our system is in that you are innocent until guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and all these articles and supporters of Troy Davis’s execution keep shouting how he hasn’t met his burden of proof of his innocence! FUCK THAT, the government hasn’t met its burden of proof of guilt beyond reasonable doubt. When not 1, not 2, but SEVEN people recant their testimony; claim their statements were coerced with prepared statements and threatened legal action; when one of the eye “witnesses” may have actually been the assailant—I would say that’s MORE than enough to not only stay an execution, but call for a complete re-investigation of the case.

I’m too disgusted right now. Adding to that unsettled feeling is my doubts of my choice in grad schools, given not only the lack of a multiculturalist perspective, but the lack of any political discussion, consciousness, ANYTHING. I have an exam tomorrow, and I could really care less at this moment that someone is being executed.

We all have decisions to make about how we will live our lives: what attitudes/behaviors/morals will you engage in, will you NOT accept from yourself, from other people, from society? What principles you’ll immovably stand firm on? Will you stand up for those beliefs, for what’s right and JUST even when no one else will?

I have some (re)thinking and (re)evaluating to do of my life right now. Do you?