Birthday Celebrations

Most of my birthdays have been kind of a bust. Make plans, they fall through, they have glitches, have an underwhelming birthday. The best birthday I’ve had was when I was 13—so yea, I was 10 years due for a great birthday! My sweet 16th happened to coincide with the first football game of the season and a trip most of my friends went on, 17th cookout with picky eaters, 18th-went to visit friends in CA who forgot it was my birthday, skip 19th/20th, 21st-plans went ape shit, and my good friend tried to make up the difference. she definitely made a valiant effort and i appreciated it but she had WAYYY to much on her plate that week ending her summer and getting ready for the start of the semester, so things didn’t go quite as planned.  22nd—moved to NYC, alone, had a friend come into the city. so while i wasn’t completely alone, it was still largely underwhelming.

So I think I was due a good birthday. And even though it may not be a typical birthday bash once you hit drinking age, i’m not typical, and it was great fun for me. 

1) got to spend the weekend with one of my best friends who I haven’t seen since we graduated college

2) got an unexpected gift from an unexpected person

3) got to make drinks for people (I know-that’s me doing work, but I enjoy it!)

4) saw some more of the city

5) at&t came out the night before and again the day of my bday to work on the internet, and by the evening—ALL THE LIGHTS WERE GREEEN!!! so now we (finally) have internet!

6) got a free steak dinner at O’henry’s

7) got treated for all my drinks that night (again, this usually—read: NEVER—happens!)

8) made really bad cookies the day before but managed to fix the rest of the cookie dough so that the next batch was GREAT!

9) got a free buffet from Harrah’s to use in the next month

11) did the pin the money thing to your shirt for the first time ever. (note: I’ve never lived anywhere where they did that. and although i didn’t get much money since i someone suggested i do it late in the evening, it was still a lot of fun)

12) spent the night looking cute, dancing, and being driven around

13) got a lot of birthday wishes, some quite personalized, on facebook from a lot of friends but also many people who I haven’t talked to or seen in years (yes, i know FB is impersonal and doesn’t mean much to some people, but it’s the little things)

the trend of mediocre birthdays has ended and i think they will only look up from here!

now the countdown for the start of grad school….*sigh*