Last Minute Adventures in NYC

After a LOUSY day on Thursday, I decided to reverse it by filling my day up on Friday.

I woke up early yesterday, and I spent the day outside (yes in that 100 degree weather) touring the city on foot.

I walked up to 123rd through Morningside park; across to Riverside park; made a stop at the Grant tomb memorial; walked down through riverside; cut back on to the streets at 89th after a brief stop at the war memorial; went to trader joe’s on 72nd to get food for lunch, went to central park and ate lunch and took a nap under a tree and watched grown folks play in the lawn sprinklers; cut through the park to the east side after stopping at the Alice & Wonderland statue; went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; and after all was said and done, got a cupcake at the stand outside of the museum.

Talk about a full day. I finally had to leave the museum before I was finished looking because my legs were about to give out. But then when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I cooked a BANGING ass dinner, with the best seasoned chicken and brown rice. Then I made a mango, passion fruit, pomegranate margarita and ate my cupcake while I watched the most recent episode of True Blood.

I definitely made a comeback from Thursday, and the fun only continues today!