Great Legs

I guess yesterday was a “good leg” day for me. It was very strange. I was super stressed out organizing 100+ volunteers for our huge annual event for work. I was on two hours of sleep, still a little drunk/hungover/dehydrated, hungry as hell, and pretty crazy and incoherent with all the people coming in with special requests for volunteer posts, quickly running out of t-shirts, and trying to get used to the constant chatter coming through my headset.

As there was a lull in the volunteer traffic, and I was sitting there in my interesting state of mind—clearly not in the mood for small talk or random bullshit—my fellow Americorps member decided to use this moment to say “I don’t know if this appropriate, or crossing a line or something, but you have really great legs.”

I was stunned. Not only is he just incredibly awkward and ill-timed, but the position in which I was sitting (at a high school cafeteria table), and where he was standing behind me, made for an awkward view of my legs. Honestly, he could only see from knee up splayed out on a cafeteria table bench.

I was thrown, and uncomfortable, as was the girl sitting next to me. I can’t handle his poorly timed outbursts of affection. Then in his own embarrassment proceeds to tell more Americorps members what he said, when really, that shit coulda just stayed at the table where it happened.

Interestingly enough, late last night (early this morning), when I was finally at the right subway stop to get home—a little drunk, incredibly exhausted after not only the day of work, but a formal birthday party after—another man walks up behind me at the turnstyle and whispers in my ear “You must run track or just work out all the time, but you have great legs. Or I mean, maybe you were born with legs like that. Either way, they’re great.”

At least he got the full view of my legs top to bottom since I was standing. But nevertheless, a weird day in its totality.