And the hate of Black women continues…

Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?
By Satoshi Kanazawa

I know I’m late, but it took me awhile to actually sit down and read this crap. As a published scientist myself, it pisses me off that this got past peer review and still got published (although maybe psychology today doesn’t require peer review).

If you simplify all their “scientific” rhetoric, this “study” basically says the following:

  • Black women are significantly less attractive than women of other races based on this mathematical measurement that the scientist came up with that assesses the opinions of three different interviewers over seven years, the calculations of which were corrected afterward to insure no scientific error, thus insuring its objectivity
  • Even though Black women are generally fatter than women of other races, (why even bring this up?), that this fact still doesn’t explain our marked ugliness compared to other women
  • The race difference in intelligence, where intelligence and physical attractiveness are positively correlated, doesn’t explain why Black women are significantly less attractive either (so he’s saying controlling for the racial differences in intelligence *cough, eugenics* the objective difference in attractiveness is still not explained)
  • Because Africans have evolutionarily existed longer, we have a higher genetic mutation load than other races, which contributes to being uglier—HOWEVER, since Black women and black men have the same mutation load and black men are generally more attractive, it still doesn’t explain why Black women are uglier
  • Then, not only are Black men more attractive but they’re significantly MORE attractive when controlling for these so called racialized intelligence differences (so if Black men weren’t so much dumber than men of other races the sex appeal gap would be even wider than it already is)
  • So what it all comes down to is the testosterone levels, which are higher in African people, which make black men so much sexier even though they’re supposedly more stupid than men of other races, and makes Black women uglier because we look like men.


And to top it all off, they add insult to injury by saying that even though he’s proven objectively and subjectively that we’re uglier, we have an inflated sense of ego in that we personally consider ourselves to be more physically attractive than other races.

He even included graphs with statistical significance data on it, so it  MUST be true.