Looks like I’m gonna have to be ‘that’ roommate that labels all their food

I just cannot be f***ing around with these folks any more. They just do whatever the hell they want and live in this reality where everything is shared and happy, where there are no boundaries, and no privacy, and no one ever gets angry because they send passive aggressive e-mails and leave notes on the coffee table (or under the doors).

This mentality of unconsciousness doesn’t work for me. By that I mean, their steady stream of decent income doesn’t warrant their having to be cognizant about which groceries they bought or which I bought, (and I’m not talking about things like olive oil or other mayonnaise). Their thing is, ‘oh, if I eat it, it’s no problem because she’ll eat my food,’ or ‘it’s no big thing because she can always buy more.’

It’s just the little things and the price tags that come along with it. I looked into the fridge today and my roommates bought $8 butter. I don’t mean $8 worth of butter, I mean the same ole 4 stick package of butter with the whopping price tag of $8. It’s shit like this that makes me wanna knock one of them over, because when they DO eat my food, and I DO bring it up, and after glaring silence where after their initial reaction ISN’T to replace my food but offer some of theirs as consolation (which brings into play this whole issue of whose food is better and what not), they replace my eaten food with food that costs 3 and 4 times what I originally purchased it for.

I just…Can’t deal with this glaring divide in lifestyle. It’s a lot of small insignificant shit piling up that makes me resent them in so many ways. My plain $1 tortilla chips, replaced with $5 blue corn tortilla chips, my nice jar of jam (that I’ve maybe used once on a piece of bread) being eaten down to the last spoonful—as if it MUST have been theirs, the stupid notes, the dumb e-mails, and these hurt feelings and tip-toe mentality when you try and tell them that this shit doesn’t fly.

Remind me never to live with yuppie white folks again!