It kills me, it really does. That whenever there is social change (for the better) there are death threats, death plots, and successful assassination attempts. And it’s ALWAYS for left-leaning & “liberal” politics, since those two terms seem to be equated with, and mistaken for social & human rights policies. Conservatives engage in this sick and violently metaphorical rhetoric about “obama care,” “death care,” how so many of the policies are the “death” of our nation when in reality it’s more a symbol of the death of white privilege, class privilege, dominant politics, and so on. These are the same folks quick to blow up a nation or start a preemptive attack, declare pro-choice evil and deadly, and then turn around and start up some shit that results in more death.

You rarely hear about death threats and assassination attempts/successes when crazies don’t like conservative policies/politics, but you ALWAYS hear about it for leftist policies/politics.

I know change is difficult, and that the masses are bitterly resistant to change, especially the people with the most to lose: those in power whose position is at risk of being leveled off so the rest of us can have a fair shot at life. The recent shooting in Arizona is just another reminder that we can’t walk through life numb and ignorant of what’s going on, of the kinds of real changes that need to be made in our world, and the battles that have to be fought in order to enact these changes.

Gabrielle Giffords