Holla holla holla holla holla holla holla….why I wear headphones

When a classmate of mine said “holla holla holla holla holla holla holla….” in a moment of improv during a theater class last year, all of us about fell out of our seats laughing.

BUT. it. is. too. true.

For the men who stand outside on the street, or on their stoops, doing their “holla holla..” routine, I make sure to always wear my headphones, even if no music is playing, so I can at least have an excuse to ignore you or tune you out completely as I turn up the volume on my Terence Blanchard, Das Racist, Erykah Badu, or whatever I happen to be listening to.

So let me just say in advance-

-thanks for telling me I have a nice smile, and/or am beautiful

-thanks for recognizing my natural hair

-thanks for telling me it’s beautiful

-no that does NOT make me West Indian

-yes, I’m sure no one in my family is Caribbean

-not to my knowledge am I any part Asian

-no you cannot have my number

-no we will not go anywhere together

-and you have a good day too