Today I will continue this almost 10 year tradition (oh lord it’s been a long time) of seeing the Harry Potter movies on the day they come out. Sadly, (and this is a testament to how nerdy I am) I can recall where I was and the circumstances of me seeing the past six movies.

1: Fall 8th grade—we conveniently had some teacher work day so I didn’t have to skip school to see it.

2: Fall 9th grade—again had a teacher work day, didn’t have to skip school

3: Summer after 10th grade—I saw it 2x and can’t remember which instance was the actual day it came out: a) took my brother-in-law’s nieces to see it who were fidgeting and talking throughout the film in a way that annoys people like me who get immersed shows and want complete silence (i think that was the day of), b) saw it in a drive-in with my sister

4: Fall 12th grade—a group of us skipped school and dressed up to see it in a very empty movie theater

5: Summer after freshman year of college—I actually may not have seen it the day it came out, but I’m pretty sure I did—was at Meadowmount music school (god only knows why), but some old friends from p-burgh came and got me and we went to see it

6: Summer after junior year of college—went to the midnight showing by myself since I was spending the summer in pittsburgh with my sister

FINALLY in 12 HOURS, 7 PART 1!! Going with some fellow VISTAs to the AMC on 34th, NYC

Today (well technically tomorrow) is going to be a good day. Too bad I have to go to work first thing in the morning,