We’re Post-Racial??

I’m just so sick of hearing this term and hearing people totally CONVINCED that we are in a post-racial society ,and that every person of color who speaks of racism is just pulling the “race card,” and if they’re not as successful it’s because they didn’t work as hard, because we have ALL the opportunities that white and upper middle class people do.


We are still seeing these huge discrepancies in judicial punishment and it makes me (in the word of ms. moore) want to spit. We all know about Mesherle who got 2 years, a WHOPPING 2 YEARS for shooting and killing Oscar Grant in the back while he was face down in cement with his (Mesherle’s) knee in his (Oscar’s) back, arms behind him and…wait for it…UNARMED!! And he’s gonna claim he thought he pulled a taser, yet he stood up and looked down the barrel of the gun before he shot him.

Michael Vick got more time for fighting some damn dogs. Plaxico Burress got more time for shooting his damn self.

THEN…Marion Jones, the runner who was found out to be taking performance enhancing drugs, was given 6 months in prison for perjury and obstruction of justice? How many athletes have been found out to be using drugs and have served time in PRISON? On top of it all, she didn’t voluntarily take the drugs, her coach gave them to her without informing her of what it is and HE didn’t serve prison time. Take it a step further, how many athletes who have similar charges were nursing a child AND had to spend time in solitary confinement (45 days) for getting jumped by a cellmate and having to defend themselves–why was she even in a regular prison population to begin with for this non-violent, ridiculous charge?


Wikipedia has a list of athletes who served time, NONE of them are for performance enhancing drug use, and maybe 1 or 2 is for obstructing justice and perjury, but surprise surprise, they only got house arrest. Meanwhile you have other folks convicted of drug trafficking, sex with a minor, manslaughter and so on, who served LESS time.

Meanwhile, folks out here shouting about how Barack Obama is the devil and all the republicans who once hated Bill Clinton and, in fact, tried to impeach him are now saying Clinton was the savior in comparison to Obama.