Making a Vow to Love ME

This is my year after college to figure out what I want to do and where I want to go next. Since I’m still so up in the air, I’ve decided to focus on me and take care of me for once in my life.

So I’m promising myself to:

1) Love my body—I will lose this excess weight, exercise more, stretch more, put good food in my body, drink more water, take care of my skin and hair

2) Love my mind—I want to read these books that have been sitting on my shelf, continue my self teaching of portuguese, re-write some of those papers where I did research on issues that mattered to me but didn’t necessarily organize my thoughts well, stay a constant student (even out of school) and continue learning & researching

3) Love my creativity—I WILL dance! I will bring my violin up here (when I get a chance to go home) and practice the hell out of it and enjoy the music that I make-not worrying what others think; I will cook and savor every crumb and lick every spoon, bowl, and finger

4) Love my work—I will do the best damn job at my job that I can and take everything I do at my job site, for Americorps, and for NACHC as a learning experience

Beyond that I am going to purge negativity—remove negative thoughts about myself, other people, and negative people from life

It’s time to make some changes