The Voluntary MURDER of Oscar Grant

I’m DISGUSTED right now. The police officer gets sentenced to involuntary manslaughter for pulling out his gun and shooting a man lying face down on the ground point blank. Don’t tell me this foolishness of mistaken weapon identity. If you can’t tell the difference between the weight and shape of a taser  and a .40 caliber handgun, you must not be a very good police officer, and just plain STUPID! Furthermore, revisiting this video, these 3 + cops had these 4 guys sitting against a wall. They didn’t group up and try and attack the officers all at once, they were all pretty calm and talking until they tried to cuff the guy. Yea, he was resisting arrest but he was ALREADY ON THE GROUND! Face down! and there was not one but two cops sitting on top of him and a third standing nearby on his radio, and they couldn’t pry this guys hands together to slap some cuffs on him?!? Clearly neither one of them felt like breaking a sweat to arrest him if their first thought was, ‘hmmm let me incapacitate him and then I’ll be able to arrest him.’ Really?? Two cops on top, one unarmed black man below, and a taser turned assassination.

To excuse him as mistaking his gun for his taser is UNACCEPTABLE; he shouldn’t even have been trying to tase him given how calm the situation was. There weren’t people running around, they weren’t trying to get away, he wasn’t really trying to fight, and his friends weren’t even trying to help. These same cops who claimed that the situation was chaotic, to justify his murder, were either standing around or walking around calmly.

The part that kills me is when I look at this video again, he took time to shoot that gun. I don’t mean minutes elapsed, but he pulled out his gun, put both hands on it, the other cop got off of Oscar, and the one with the gun stood up to take his knee out of his back, and he aimed before he shot and killed him. I don’t understand where in  putting both fingers on the trigger, aiming it, and pulling it he didn’t realize it was a gun and not a taser. Almost every taser I’ve seen has a button to push as a trigger, not a hook trigger to pull on a gun. He’ll serve maybe 2-4 years in prison, but Oscar Grant lost his life, his family lost a loved one, and his entire life will have consisted of 22 years.