I keep having strange and vivid dreams. I had two last night, one very strange one about my grandmother and another about bees. The weird part was the one about bees was in a town that I used to live in but all the people in it were Obies. Basically we were in a church that had this beehive in it and, of course, everyone panicked and ran out. Someone brought the hive outside to do some weird vacuum thing to suck all the bees out into something else, and strangely enough everyone was standing around watching it suck bees out. I decided to go out another exit away from the bees thinking that this thing would explode. So I took this roundabout route to go home (mind you I lived right next door). Of course, the thing exploded and this mass of bees swarms out everywhere and people are running everywhere trying to get away. There were like thousands of bees flying stupidly fast, attacking everyone. So I blindly ran to some building and waited inside.

Then some obies i know walked in the building and we all ran down into the basement to hide. We were trying to be as quiet as possible and turn off all the lights since for some reason we were now trying to avoid the police. Then this dying smoke detector kept making this obnoxious beeping noise. So we took the battery out, but it kept going. Then we disassembled it and found the little alarm and cut it up, but it kept going off. Then I woke up, but strangely to the sound of my own dying smoke detector, not making quite as annoying sounds as the one in my dream. But it was weird because my smoke detector has been making that noise for years and I don’t much pay attention to it, and somehow it invaded my subconscious to my dreams and then annoyed the crap out of me when I woke up.

What causes these all too vivid and detailed dreams?