Home again, home again, jiggity jig jig

Being home is strange. I wasn’t sure how strange it was on the painfully long flight home, but it creeps up on you in strange ways. One of the first things that threw me off was simple—putting toilet paper IN the toilet. Explaining why that was weird to my parents was hilarious, though. We didn’t talk a whole lot about excessive consumerism in brazil, although it came up, as I’m back home in the touristy, super rich city of Destin, it makes me a little sad. I watch everyone shopping and talking about how “great” the deals of $100 jeans, $7 lattes, and $50 belts are, and how much our culture is predicated on this necessity of things. I’m a bit overwhelmed. But I am amazed at how much I’ve changed since coming back from brazil. I hope that this new perspective doesn’t lose strength and fade into the background noise of our societal “values.”

But on a different note, I took the GRE, without really studying at all, and did pretty well. I need to finish my applications to grad school since they’re due in about a week—however, my trifling advisor and professors (who I’ve been working with throughout my Oberlin career) did NOT respond to my request for a recommendation letter. I asked other professors that I barely had real contact with and they all agreed. That’s just sad. I don’t want to say it but…trifling negros. Anyway, I’ll do my part and hope that through some badgering, my professors will come through.

I had a great xmas, will most likely have a great new years (esp. with the fully stocked liquor cabinet), and am preparing to go back and freeze my behind off in Oberlin and work out everyday in preparation for a senior dance show. This semester will definitely be interesting and hopefully different in a great and enjoyable way, where I make the very best of my last semester in college.

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