Last Day

This is my last blog post from Brazil. I’m not really sure what to say about brazil, except it’s been a non-stop adventure. I will definitely never forget my times here, and reading my diary in the future about these last 3 and half months, will be something to look forward to. I will post my pictures when I get home I guess since Facebook’s being absurd about my uploads and I can only post one or two on this. I’ll be back at home wednesday morning and will have a long day of travelling tomorrow.

But this past weekend has been great. I went to a concert on a beach saturday night and stayed out at a bar until 4 in the morning. Had a surprise breakfast party on sunday morning. Spent all day sunday at a beach outside of the city eating churrasco (grilled meat), drinking caipirinhas, listening to music, and getting knocked around in the ocean, until after dark. I’d say this has been a success.

Até mais…