Hallelujah, I’m moving to a new house in salvador. Maybe these last 2 weeks will be exceedingly better than this first week that I spent lost, waiting for buses, missing buses, sitting on buses, and being in not so favorable situations in bus terminals at night. I wasted so much time lost/waiting/riding last week and just feeling defeated by this incomprehensible system in general. It didn’t help that in order to get home I had to take the most random and rare buses to get to and fro. But problem solved, I’m moving into the city, into rio vermelho, TOMORROW! I can walk to capoeira training, I can easily take a bus into the center and to the pelourinho, and I can walk to the 24 hour suco place—even better. I just may be broke now since I have to pay another rent and am not sure I’ll get any of the money back from the lady I’m living with now, even though I should since I only stayed a week, but whatever, I’ll make it work. Now if only I could make some progress on my ISP…

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