So the days of class are dwindling down, and by dwindling I mean I only have 3 more days of classes left. Then we travel for 2 weeks, then do our individual research projects for 3 weeks, come back, write a paper, present the paper, and go back to the US. It feels like it’s practically over although I still have half the program left. I’m excited though, because we’ll be in Salvador really soon and then I will stay there for the month of November to do my research with Grupo Nzinga and Mestra Janja about Capoeira Angola. Finally some training in my life.

Although last week I did train a bit, but differently. We did our community projects for a week, each of us in different places, and I worked with a Capoeira regional group. Mostly I just watched them teach a couple of kids’ classes and chilled. But I did train twice. Once in this big open field where they mostly just did “pula” (flipping in the field). I spent that time in the ridiculous heat doing handstands and front walk-overs, until I strained a muscle. I spent the rest of the week limping around everywhere. But on saturday I was good and trained again, but on the beach (praia do futuro). It was great, and I spent a good half and hour working on back hand springs. By the time I leave brasil I must be able to do this alone.

So I’ve just been having random thoughts as I ride these buses every day. So basically, I think of these buses as big moving colons…that are constipated. And the lining of the intestinal tract (the people standing up on either side of the aisle because there’s no more space) is constantly writhing as poop (people trying to get through) is trying to be passed. And this constipated colon struggles and writhes so hard and at the end only deposits one tiny little piece of poop at the bus stop, and the painful cramping continues as the bus moves on. It’s not until you get to a terminal or a major stop that the colon finally has a healthy bowel movement and is left feeling good.

more random thoughts to come…

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