Reflect, Wander
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  • cars don’t stop-there is no pedestrian right of way, so if you’re in the middle of the street and a car is coming, I suggest you run, quick!
  • in addition to taking many showers a day, the water is always cold, which is what it is, but you still never quite get used to it first thing in the morning—try and work up a sweat before every shower
  • lots of people have my birthmark, which is looked at so strangely in the US, but is a thing of bonding here
  • the cockroaches will wake you up, they are loud as hell!
  • my neighbors, in addition to potentially being drug addicts, killed my host family’s dog a few years ago, and like to sing in the middle of the night while using a bucket as a drum—I hear everything because my bedroom wall is the only thing that separates us
  • tapioca is everywhere, but it’s good, so is agua de coco (coconut water)
  • you look dumber wearing a one piece bathing suit than being fat and wearing a bikini
  • guys often carry their girlfriends/wives on their bikes, the girls sit on the bar in front of the seat sideways: you see this every single day multiple times at once
  • people hold your stuff on the bus, if you’re standing up and have stuff you’re holding, the people sitting down will hold it for you without your asking
  • Antartica is THE beer here

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